Steering system modifications

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Steering system modifications:
- state of the art safety concept
- very good spare part availability
- Avoiding cost intense brakes
- Option of adding the latest servo electric drives

Anlagen von Schmale sind mechanisch auf einen langjährigen Dauerbetrieb ausgelegt. Sie erreichen häufig eine Betriebslaufzeit von 30- 40 Jahren.  Das ist nachhaltig, aber gleichzeitig hat sich die Steuerungstechnik in den letzten Jahren rasant entwicklet. Eine Steuerungsumrüstung auf moderne NC Technik bietet für  eine Altanlage von Schmale viele Vorteile. Ein komplett überarbeitetes Sicherheitskonzept, sehr gute Ersatzteilverfügbarkeit, Vermeidung von kostenintensiven Ausfällen und eine signifikante Verbesserung der Anlagenperformance. Bei der Kombination einer Steuerungsumrüstung mit einem servoelektrischen Transfer gehen wir von einer Steigerung der Performance von mindestens 15-25% aus.

Advantages of servo electric transfer systems:
- much better performance
- compatible to older systems
- less maintainance
- precise and smooth

Service Steuerung

A video (only german) explaning the advantages of a steering system modification and a servo electric transfer can be watched on our youtube channel.

What happens when a control system is converted?

When a control system is converted on a Schmale bending machine or another of their forming machines, the control unit is replaced. New and especially servo-electrical control systems have replaced the old control system while the machine basis remains intact. Such a control-system conversion is also quite possible for older Schmale machines as their service lives are not nearly exhausted after two or three operating decades. The new control systems are developed by Schmale on their own premises. They are state of the art and easy and intuitive to operate by touchscreen. The costs of a control-system conversion are much lower than those of a new machine purchase; the effects of a control-system conversion are clearly noticeable, however. Initially, they increase the machine's compatibility: current assemblies with servo drives can be used. The cycle output and productivity of the production plant also increase and spare parts are more readily available. Servo-electrical transfer systems also run much more precisely and gently than older systems and are low maintenance.


When is a control-system conversion recommended?

Schmale advises its customers extensively on all issues of control-system conversion. This includes weighing whether the control-system conversion is practical. This is naturally only possible by an individual inspection of the machine in question. A few aspects can be summarized, however, which generally speak for a control-system conversion of a production facility. The availability of spare parts for older machines is often severely restricted or even nonexistent. The failure of a control-system component can lead to prolonged production downtimes and possibly to tedious conversion work. Such a failure is generally quickly rectified by a control-system conversion since spare parts can be easily obtained. Another important aspect is the increase in the cycle output and thus the productivity typically resulting from a control-system conversion. Increases in output of 20-30% are realistic values here and in some cases can be considerably higher. A control-system conversion generally means considerable improvement in safety as the control system is again state of the art.

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