To ensure the longevity of your Schmale machine, maintenance should be planned well in advance. In this way, we can work together to increase functionality and keep downtimes to a minimum or even prevent them altogether.


Inspections are carried out once or twice a year. This allows us to record and assess the actual condition of the machine. What repairs may be necessary and what improvements can be made?

The machine inspection takes place at the customer's premises and can take between 4 hours and 2 days, depending on the size of the machine. It includes a check of the control and safety technology and a visual inspection of the entire mechanical system.  In addition, highly stressed assemblies can also be disassembled and inspected. At the end, we provide our customers with a full inspection report with recommendations for repairs.

We carry out the unit inspection at our premises. This includes checking for leaks, checking the central lubrication system and checking the individual components for wear, such as guides or bearings. At the end, we provide our customers with a full inspection report with recommendations for repairs.


Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure high machine availability over long periods of time.

Preventive measures can thus reduce signs of wear and tear and minimise or completely prevent machine breakdowns and repairs. We are happy to assist our customers in this process and to show them which areas can be subject to particularly high levels of stress. If required, we can also take full responsibility for the maintenance and servicing of these components.

Our maintenance contracts can cover both the control technology and the mechanical components or a combination of the two. They are individually adapted and tailored to the needs of our customers.

If required, a maintenance tool is also available on the control panel, and this can provide a complete maintenance log.


When it comes to repairs, our customers can rely on the quality of original spare parts and professional installation by our service engineers.

We also offer a special service to our customers. Spare parts kits are stocked on our premises for fast availability when needed.

We prepare spare parts lists tailored to the customer's system, categorised according to wear parts or non-repairable components. These can be held in stock on request to minimise our customer's downtime in the event of a breakdown.

Service report

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Online fault report

The online fault report helps our Service department to make an initial assessment of the problem and, if necessary, speed up the service call. A qualified service employee will contact you as soon as possible in order to rectify the fault.


Instruction and further training

As a leading manufacturer of wire bending machines and material forming systems for wire, tube and strip, we offer our customers training courses on machine construction, machine engineering, operation and maintenance, as well as tool design and minimising set-up times, plus many other topics relating to the systems from schmale Maschinenbau GmbH.



Our Service department also optimises schmale machines that are approaching the end of their useful life. In most cases, even small adjustments are enough to increase the cycle rate. We can fine-tune the interaction of the individual stations and optimise tool contours or materials.