Machines for processing wire, strip and tube

schmale Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of wire bending machines and tube bending machines. We integrate a wide range of forming technology units into our modular punching and bending machines.

Our systems combine NC benders, servo presses and bending slides with a servo-electric transfer system. This creates customised solutions for automating manufacturing processes.

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Forming technology
made in Germany

schmale machine world

servo-electric and energy-efficient

  • Clamping ring machines

    from schmale - the gold standard for this product for many years

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  • Rail clip production

    Our X2000NC model wire bending machine is one of the fastest and most compact systems for the production of rail clips.

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  • Chain link production

    If you need a machine to bend thick wire up to 26 mm in diameter – we’re the specialists to call.

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  • Door striker production

    Different striker shapes can be achieved by changing the tool die, along with machining details such as upsetting or tapering at wire ends.

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  • Production of headrest support brackets

    A modular X2000NC line with 6 stations for the production of headrest support brackets.

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  • Presses and press lines

    Schmale builds presses and press lines with servo-electric or hydro-mechanical drives for metal forming.

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  • Servo-electric units

    Due to the variable positioning options of the aggregates, a wide variety of forming processes can be implemented on the machine.

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  • Bending slides

    Bending slides, also known as bending sliders or slide units, are machine components used to produce punched and bent parts.

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any combination according to the modular principle

Choose according to your needs, we deliver the right solution:

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