Assembly machines

Assembly machines from schmale Maschinenbau are equipped with an intelligent combination of technologies. Individual parts can be fed, separated, assembled, measured, subsequently evaluated and packed. As a manufacturer, we always design and build assembly machines as customer-specific solutions for individual products. schmale offers assembly machines for the automatic assembly of articles made of wire, tube and strip.





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Safety bolt assembly line

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Our SPECIAL-PURPOSE MACHINES are combined with an intelligent combination of technologies to create bespoke solutions for the production of tailor-made items that cannot be produced on standard machines.


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Assembly machines are mechanical systems designed for the efficient and high-precision assembly of product elements and components. These machines make it possible to automate assembly processes in order to save time and money. Assembly machines are used in a wide range of applications, including the manufacture of electronic equipment, automotive parts, medical devices and many other products.
An assembly machine typically consists of a series of stationary workstations equipped with motion mechanisms. These mechanisms operate in a defined sequence to assemble a specific product or component. For example, a typical assembly process may involve transferring parts from one station to the next, inserting parts into a housing, bolting parts together and many other steps.
Assembly machines are controlled by control systems, usually based on programming. The control systems can be adapted to customise the assembly process for different products and components. This adaptability makes it possible to optimise the assembly process and improve efficiency.
Another advantage of assembly machines is that they can ensure a high level of reproducibility. Since the assembly processes are automated, it is unlikely that errors or deviations will occur. This leads to improved product quality and higher customer satisfaction.
In terms of safety, assembly machines are equipped with protective devices that make operation safe and reliable. These devices can include, for example, safety fences, doors with locking mechanisms and emergency stop circuits.
Overall, assembly machines are a valuable investment for companies looking to automate and optimise their assembly processes. They can save time and money.




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If spare parts and mechanics are required on site, our customers can be sure that they will receive original spare parts and experienced schmale mechanics at short notice.

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