Company history

We’ve been building wire, strip and tube forming machines for almost 60 years.

Over the years, schmale Maschinenbau GmbH has grown from a regional supplier to a global player, has developed numerous innovations and has repeatedly revolutionised the field of forming technology with its new developments. Numerous patents and awards are proof of our success.

Today, forming machines from schmale are in operation all over the world and are renowned for their reliability, cycle rates and energy efficiency.





Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH is a company based in Altena (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). The origins of schmale go back to the engineer Albrecht Schmale, who founded the company in the basement of his home in 1966. Over the years, the company grew and moved to larger premises.


21 years after its establishment

schmale Maschinenbau. These included, in particular, the automotive industry and its suppliers. This led to an increase in orders and larger projects.


29 years after its establishment

schmale Maschinenbau became a limited liability company; the number of employees and turnover grew rapidly in the following years.


45 years after its establishment

schmale's technological focus was on the burgeoning field of servo-electric machine control.


46 years after its establishment

In 2012, the company finally unveiled the X2000 NC, the first fully servo-electric and electronically controlled production system. Another revolution in the construction of forming machines. To this day, this machine concept continues to be improved and adapted to the latest technological developments in order to remain state of the art.


50 years after its establishment

a film was made showing the rapid development of the company and its technical milestones. It is an impressive reflection of our engineering skills and the resulting technical progress in the field of mechanical engineering. On our YouTube channel, you can also see the wonderful innovations that have been made since 2016. We are already working on a future film.
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The company today

Schmale Maschinenbau is an engineering company with a mechanical engineering department. As a medium-sized family business in its third generation, we are familiar with our customers' specific manufacturing problems and we develop tailor-made concepts. Production technologies are precisely tailored to the customer's needs. This has resulted in production systems for wire, tube and strip that go far beyond the usual industry standards. This also includes forward-looking planning with regard to the possible development stages of the system,, the possibility of combining different production steps and optimising energy efficiency. schmale Maschinenbau attaches great importance to maintaining the innovative character that has characterised the company from the very beginning. According to the company, long-term success in the market can only be guaranteed by a consistent commitment to innovation. And for schmale Maschinenbau, this means always being one step ahead of the competition.


Our systems are now producing high-quality formed articles all over the world. We are constantly working in the field of research and development on new technological advances for the future.