schmale builds presses and press lines with servo-electric or hydro-mechanical drives for metal forming. We integrate our cutting, punching and swaging presses into our wire bending machines and other systems for forming wire, tube and strip. We build servo-electric presses up to a force of 700 t. We received an award for this innovation in 2018.



Press construction/design according to customer requirements

In addition to our standard units, we also calculate, design and build servo-electric presses for a wide range of applications according to customer specifications. Forces from 100 kN to 7000 kN can be achieved.
The presses are equipped with an advanced control system that ensures precise control of the pressing force. This control ensures a high degree of repeatability in the production of workpieces, resulting in higher product quality and more efficient production. In addition, servo-electric technology makes the presses more energy-efficient and less noisy than hydraulic presses.
Another important component in the manufacture of servo-electric presses is the design of the press frame. The frame must have the necessary stability and rigidity to transmit the required pressing force. At schmale we use the latest technologies for the design.

Technical data


700 t servo press

Stroke 40 mm  
Overall width 1304 mm  



400 t servo press

Stroke 85 mm 
Overall width 500 mm 



500 kN swaging press

Stroke 30 mmStroke 65 mm
Overall width 544 mmOverall width 240 mm



1200 kN stamping press

Stroke 80 mmStroke 40 mm
Overall width 700 mmOverall width 700 mm



2000 kN stamping press

Stroke 80 mmStroke 38 mm
Overall width 700 mmOverall width 495 mm


Short videos of presses

Press line in operation

100 t stand-alone press

Short video of various presses

Short video of a press for stainless steel wire

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You can see various presses and other units operating in production in this video, for example:



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Related topics

Our servo-electric presses are usually installed in our lines as modular units. Depending on the requirements, they are combined with other units such as bending slides and NC benders on the back wall.


Made in Germany

Presses in cold forming

Presses in the form of hydraulic, crank or servo-electric presses are components of machines used to produce punched and bent parts. High-quality punching and bending machines depend on components that are absolutely reliable and have a long service life. The press must be robust, reliable and powerful. It should also offer plenty of positioning options. Depending on the production task and the bending machine, our systems consist of multiple presses plus different types of servo presses, which can be categorised as swaging presses, punching presses and press lines. Many punching and bending machines are fitted with sensors to ensure that the presses are working properly. In our systems, the presses can also be combined to form press production lines. Pressing forces of up to 700 t or 7,000 kN can be generated by our servo-electric presses for cold or hot forming. The size of the die fitting space is variable in these arrangements – as is the stroke. The use of pedestal bases significantly reduces the time required to change dies. As a result, different progressive dies can be used in our presses.

Key aspects with regard to presses: tool compatibility and the position on the back wall

In addition to the rated forming force and the maximum stroke, compatibility with a wide range of dies is an important factor when it comes to presses. The greater the variety of tools that a press can accept, the wider the range of products the press can then produce. Punching and bending machines from schmale offer the option of mounting the presses at any position on the back wall. This means that the various presses can be combined exactly as required to manufacture a product in an individual, customer-specific layout or sequence. When installing and before commissioning a newly mounted press, always read and follow the safety and installation instructions for the respective punching/bending machine.





Promptly at your service

The Service department at schmale Maschinenbau GmbH is responsible for technical customer support. Our competent service team is usually available within 24 hours. Error analysis and troubleshooting is often carried out by remote maintenance via our service programmers.

If spare parts and mechanics are required on site, our customers can be sure that they will receive original spare parts and experienced schmale mechanics at short notice.

Of course, we would be more than happy to assist you in person. You can reach us
on weekdays between 8 AM and 4 PM. You can also get in touch with your personal contact.