Servo-electric units

In addition to the typical forming and cutting units, our servo-electric units also include feed rollers, hopper conveyors, decoilers, thread formers and tool changers. Along with our finger benders, rotary positioning clamps and our servo-electric transfers in various designs.





Short videos of servo-electric units

Thread formers

Finger benders

Feed rollers


Hopper conveyor

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Watch this video to see the complex interaction of various servo-electric units.



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Made in Germany

Servo motors in punching and bending technology

The use of servo motors in punching and bending technology has opened up new production possibilities. While traditionally driven machines can operate at high speeds and produce correspondingly high volumes, product variety remains limited. In addition, mechanical machines can only be converted at great expense and maintenance is often more complex. In contrast, servo-driven bending machines, such as the X2000 NC from schmale Maschinenbau, offer much greater flexibility in terms of product variety, with low maintenance requirements. In addition, machines driven by servo motors cater to changes in customers' logistics strategies. Whereas in the past, the emphasis was on large, long-term storage facilities, today stocks are generally kept lower in order to save costs. The result is  smaller orders that need to be filled quickly promptly and to which the manufacturers need to be able to respond quickly.

schmale Maschinenbau - Innovations with servo motors

With the introduction of the X2000 NC, schmale has launched a fully servo-electric machine on the market for the very first time. The model has a number of advantages over mechanical or hydro-mechanical systems, not least due to the installation of the servo motors. For example, the X2000 NC, X2000 BB and X2000 BK models with servo motors are much easier and faster to program than purely mechanical systems. In addition, the servo motors ensure greater material protection. The quality of the end product also benefits from this technology. Short set-up times, high cycle rates, reduced space requirements, reduced energy requirements and high energy efficiency are all characteristics of production systems with servo motors. Machines with servo motors also allow the integration of existing mechanical moulds. The X2000 BK from schmale Maschinebau is also able to use standard Bihler tools. This further increases the range of products that can be manufactured and significantly reduces changeover times. Even small batch sizes can be produced easily with little time and cost.




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