The X2000NC is a modular, fully servo-electric wire and tube bending machine that can be configured, according to customer specifications, with a variety of servo-electric units such as NC finger benders, bending slides and presses up to 7000 kN.

The variable positioning of the units allows a wide range of forming processes to be carried out on the machine. This makes it possible to produce a wide range of products from wire, tube and strip on an X2000NC.



The powerful all-rounder



Technical data


Drive technologyServo-electric
Servo-electric feed roller 
Hopper conveyor | Decoiler
## |  
Piece capacity0 to 120
Typ. wire diameters1.5 to 22 millimeters
Typ. strip dimensions80 x 4 mm
Free work surface2 to 8 m
Transfer system 
Stations max.10
Force functionsany
Typical forces15 - 4000 kN
Servo axesany
Hydraulic functions
can be integrated on request
Remote maintenance 
Power requirement approx.15 kW
Weight approx.10 t


Videos of X2000NC machines

X2000NC - The flexible standard

Production of engine bonnet retaining brackets

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Fast tube bending on the X2000NC with finger bending technology

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Visit our YouTube channel to see different versions of the X2000NC with different tool sets in action:



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Made in Germany


The X2000 NC is more than just a wire/tube bending machine. The X2000 NC, presented by schmale in 2012, is the first fully servo-electric production system. This made the X2000 NC the first machine of its kind to operate without oil or hoses in the area of the drive axes. Since then, the schmale X2000 machine fleet has grown to 4 models: the X2000 NC has been joined by the X2000 NC-BB and the X2000 BK, which is compatible with Bihler tools. In addition, there is the hydro-mechanical X2000 D. The absence of hydraulic oil has had a positive effect on the maintenance requirements of the servo-electric X2000 models, since there is no longer any need to check or clean up any leaking oil. Maintenance tasks such as filling and bleeding hydraulic hoses are also no longer necessary. In terms of set-up times, the servo-electric X2000 models  offer significant time savings as there’s no need for mechanical cams. The electronic control system is also easy to operate via touchscreen without the need for any lengthy training. Significant progress has been made with regard to energy saving. For example, the power consumption is about 70% less than that of a servo-hydraulic system.

Technology from schmale with Bihler compatibility –  The X2000 BK  

In response to a number of customer requests, schmale Maschinenbau has developed the X2000 BK, a system that offers compatibility with Bihler tools. The motivation behind this was the need of many customers to have higher bending forces available. This was achieved by converting an X2000 NC wire bending machine from schmale. This was converted using adapter plates to make it compatible with Bihler tools. Forces of up to 240 kN are now possible at the level of the bending slide. If even more force is required, presses of up to 2000 kN can be installed on the X2000 models. The wide range of forming forces makes it possible to process a very wide range of materials. Wire (up to 22 mm), strip steel (up to 5x60 mm) and tubes can all be processed. Cycle rates of up to 200 pieces/minute can be achieved, depending on requirements.




Promptly at your service

The Service department at schmale Maschinenbau GmbH is responsible for technical customer support. Our competent service team is usually available within 24 hours. Error analysis and troubleshooting is often carried out by remote maintenance via our service programmers.

If spare parts and mechanics are required on site, our customers can be sure that they will receive original spare parts and experienced schmale mechanics at short notice.

Of course, we would be more than happy to assist you in person. You can reach us
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